I was reminded today of a quote from my higher learning days about Mad Dog 20/20

"if the 20 don't getcha' the otha' twenty will"

What a great partial memory.

"well the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon"

What the heck does that mean. I get the rest of the song, but who cares about the freaking cat when the son turns into a jerk like his dad?

I've had the mentality that song is trying to communicate with my son. I was bound and determined to not be the "too busy dad". I realized last night that my sinfull heart was still screwing me. Over the last few weeks I have speant plenty of time with my son, but have lost the patience that truly shows love. We have still had a great time together, but I want to instruct with Bibilical sheparding instead of plain ole conditioning. It is difficult with a 2 year old (he'll be 2 mid-June), but I believe it can be done. Humilty and love does not need a full vocabulary to be communicated.

When I hear that song I used to think, "man, isn't that true". Now I'll think "man, how sad that they are so misdirected".


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today I sat on a conference call and listend with one ear and with the other listened to the muffled music coming from the speakers on the warehouse floor.
End result... nothing. I don't know what the heck they were talking about and couldn't tell you what genre the tune was.

Baby count down is getting close to single digits. I think that is part of it.

We also are just about finished paiting our bonus/play room. I don't know the actual name, but it looks like "healthy pumkin" to me.

Remember that art show I was in? I've a potential for an order of 3 boxes to one lady. I'm go'n to Vegas!


someone ask that simple man
who makes your daily plans?
trade the sleep for one more dollar
in the palm clinched in your fist

lock the door with numbered twine
leave the hash marks all behind
pick up something at the station
for the many days that you missed

empty back in Knoxville
so you bet on hits in Nashville
justified by all the moments
you can't forget you never had

when you ask the simple man
who makes his daily plans
tell me quickly what he tells you
'cause I'm too much like that man

- tnriverfish


I think Dell exists to keep a man humble.


there is a guy in the office here, an educated man, saying "true dat" and he's not joking to a co-worker. I like it.


You must do this.

Follow that link.
Open the Flash site
Go to Media.Player
View - Jeff Buckley
Media - audio-albums
Hover over Albums
Choose Live at the Bataclan
Turn the lights down and light a candle
Right click till you get to Hallelujah

I'm sitting here minding my own business, working like a good little ant and I hear this song from WDVX over my little Harman/Kardon speakers. It was a simple song, lyrics, guitar and a harmonica. A simple song about a chicken who hasn't laid an egg since last fall. Stragely I know the words...
I start thinking that Buddy Green sang this song this past Monday at a banquet we went to. The banquet was for an inner city tutor program that our church sponsors call The Eagles Program. Buddy is an active volunteer as well as my wife. It was great, he had egg shakers for all the kids so they could sing and play along with him. Well, the song ends and they say, that's Buddy Greene folks on the harmonica. Cool. Its Camper Fest in Clinton, TN. How great that Buddy got to kick off weekend. Next time I see Buddy I'll tell him I enjoyed the show.


Just wanted to pass along my new favorite albumn.
Can't Hide by Steve Dale
What a great web page too. He doesn't have any music on there to listen to samples yet, but you can go ahead and order this one.
We got to go to the release party and the producer for the Dove Awards was there and said he had been listening to the disc all week and liked it more each time he played it (as if my endorsement wasn't enough). There is a link to email Steve there... go ahead and email him and order a disc.


I got my Valkarie. What a great disc. It will freaking launch. Too bad I couldn't control it as well as needed this morning.
I finished a respectable 6 over but the win went to a 5 over.
To anyone who wants to play I think we will be out there next Wednesday.

I would rather be busy than sitting bored... did I mention I was sitting bored.


I recieved some bad news today.
Eminem bars Weird Al Yankovic from making a video parodying Oscar-winning "Lose Yourself"
There was a time where my heart for the Lord was so confused and my musical tastes so influencial that I listened primarily to Weird Al and They Might Be Giants almost exclusively. I didn't like the Christian station because I knew my heart didn't "really believe" the words but I didn't want to listen to booty rap on the pop station. It was a twisted way of "being a good person". I think anyone who has enjoyed a Weird Al albumn for more than a week has been at this place to some degree. If not that, then were just plainly the weird guy in the class who wanted some attention.

Please Mr Eminem, we already don't take you seriously... let us have the laugh.

on a better note

its Friday


I've got Chile coming out my ears... Chile freight that is.


and then there was semi-organized disc golf. started a new Yahoo Group today so everyone who is interested in playing Wednesday mornings before work can discuss and schedule. I'm going to keep a winners list and hopefully get some photos eventually. That sort of tenacity at the beginning could scare the new player. I have to wait a while for the real addiction to set in.


well the show ended in the red for me.
I had profitted around $75 - low enough to convince me to probably not enter the show next year - but one customer left a big ticket item on my porch by the time I got home. Turns out she was allergic to the old window I used.
Frustrated I am.

The picture frames sold pretty well though... totalled 4. Not too bad considering the volume of customers was minimal.

in other news we have big time storms blowing through including some Tornadoes.