UPS competitor FedEx to acquire Kinko's for $2.4 billion - 2003-12-30 - Business First of Louisville
This is great. FedEx makes a counter move to The UPS Store move by buying Kinkos. One of the Google news links was for the Louisville business newspaper (UPS' major hub is in Louisville) so I thought it would be interesting to see what they had to say about FedEx. They gave the quote from the CEO and some finanical numbers and then talked about UPS. Even closing with this.

"Atlanta-based UPS operates its largest package-handling hub at Louisville International Airport. The company also bases it UPS Airlines division in Louisville, where the company has more than 20,000 employees."

Look again at the title of the article... I guess those 20,000 employees of UPS will buy more papers if they read about FedEx but then hear about how huge UPS is.


Back to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (washingtonpost.com)
They are going to air a documentary on Mr Rogers on Jan 1. It is great knowing that the guy on the camera was the same off the camera. So much of TV personality is acting. I'm sure he acted, but all accounts are that it was him being him. I don't watch too much TV, but I putting this in my calendar.


Not much has changed since 12.16.2003.
I am getting ready to walk out of the building for 5 whole days.
Have a Merry Christmas.


Just in case you are wondering... I am busy as H-E-double hockey stick and loving it.


In England, Tolkien Gestures (washingtonpost.com)
One man's trip to follow the footsteps of Tolkien. I haven't seen the 3rd movie yet... I don't think it is quite out yet. They have been selling the two disc set of DVD's which doesn't make much sense to me. If you want the movies, get the 3 disc set. I'm sure it will have a poster or a 4th disc with some additional footage. Something to entice everyone who bought the 1 or 2 disc set to buy the whole package again. I'm looking forward to hanging that little poster, creases and all, in my little cube.


I don't have time or creativity to come up with this... so I'll steal it from the Dilbert news letter instead of saying he stole it from me.

"The phone was ringing off its hinges. I didn't want to stir the apple cart. It was so quiet you could hear a needle drop in a haystack. It was time to separate the wheat from the baby.

I usually don't put my chickens before the horse, but all is fair in horseshoes and hand-grenades. It was time to get the train out of the harbor because not everything that shines is baloney. I didn't have many bullets left in the tank and I was shooting at straws, running on exhaustion fumes, looking for a seed that would get it over the hump. I didn't want to sit in the hotbox with my fingers in my earballs. It was a huge incontinence for me, but it's water under the dam now, so I put the ball in the other shoe, and that took the steam out of my sails. No point in making a molehill out of an elephant. I mean, you can try, but it's like waiting for toast to boil. That's why I say you shouldn't let people get under your goat. If you do the legwork, you'll have all of your balls in the air. It's like six of one and two dozen of the other. Eventually the penny will come home to roost. You are the wind beneath my cheeks."

The last line is classic. I'm gonna use it.


Isaiah 64:6
Interesting thought on the fallen state of man. No matter what we do we will always put out filth as compared to what is needed for our own representation to God for salvation. Good stuff in, filthy rags out. Bad stuff in, filthy rags out. Much like food. Welcome to our helpless state.


Conversations with a Nigerian spammer.
What great documentation of the conversation going back and forth with a spammer trying to get money.
I got the link from a blogger who visited Les


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