Dave Braud and I went and played D-golf today and it reminded me of a conversation we had not long after I started playing.
C: Jay and I must be doing something fundamentally wrong for our throws to go half as far as yours.
D: Yea, you are fundamentally not throwing it hard enough.

Either I have a fairy living under my clothes washer or there is another mouse. Is there no end to the madness? I wish I could program an Excel Spreadsheet to stand guard and eliminate the enemy before high noon.

Also, for soccer fans


Lavatory Interuption
My office is a large one, but empty... many of the employees have moved to another location outside of town. Thus, a few of us enjoy quiet conditions even if radios are played. We also enjoy large bathroom that are seldom shared by two people at the same time.
I was in the stall today, taking care of business and someone walked into the bathroom. It is typicall in this case, if reveresed, for me to turn around and return later to leave user 1 in peace. Not only did this guy not leave, he came and chose the stall right next to mine (mine being the larger handycap stall on the end of a row of three). I realized immediately, that this guy was either a freak or in an emergency situation.
Rushing the process I made my way to the sink in time to realize he was in an emergency situation. I skipped the papertowels and dried my hands on my pants as I opened the door. I almost wished him luck.


my favorite sundance film
personal runner up

help me. I'm loosing my mind.


Where is waldo? look here
Turn your sound on to hear Waldo singing.

The wife, the boy and a good chunk of the wife's family went hiking this weekend in North Georgia. We stayed at the Len Foote Lodge. Pretty cool setup. its a 5 mile hike in and then back out the next day. they cook dinner and breakfast and they've got little rooms with two bunk beads.
In a related story my calves are tight and making me walk funny.


wouldn't it be cool if you could stop by a shop on the way home from work and pick up a new attitude since the one you got is broken?
it will be getting below zero degrees this weekend and we're going hiking. just 5 miles and then we are staying in some sort of lodge. I'll probably end up sitting by the fire after the boy goes to sleep and talk with some of the family from the wife's side. Mental note: bring pipe.


War on Varmits update
The house has been metephorically sober for over a month.

I saw a guy today while I was driving to work who had an amazing nose. it was at least twice a long as mine. He was a young guy and I would have thought he was in the circus or something, but he was driving a BMW.


The stars at night are big and bright....
My flight leaves in a couple of hours... off to the airport.
I hope I don't crash.
If I do, Jay, you can have my disc golf discs.
Tim you can have my jacket.
Everything else goes the wife and boy, of course.


The sunshine outside is a bitter stone faced liar.
I used my new table saw to make a picture frame.
I'm going to Dallas this week.


what is wrong with my a href link on the last post? it is trying to include a link to my own page previous to the WDVX link.

I'm writting from a brand new Dell desktop. My old one just wouldn't boot up yesterday and they said it was fully depreciated.
I don't really understand the hardware configurations and all, but this thing smokes. Here are some specs if you know anything about them.
I've got XP, Microsoft Office 2002, a Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB of Ram.
So far, I don't think I like the way XP is set up to look like a freaking cartoon, but I'm sure I'll get used to it or figure out how to change it.
As long as I can still stream in the tunes I'll be alright.
"Here this is broken, can I have a new one please?"


The wife got me some serious shades for Christmas since my last pair eventually broke in half. I had repaird them many times (the best involving JB Weld and a sliver from a Kroger key chain card). The were finally beyond repair and I was using a pair we found in the back seat of her car that looked like alien eyes or something.
Check the new ones out.
Natives - Ripp - Pale Ale Fade
These things come with a lifetime warrenty. Of course you have to send them $20 to get a replacement pair, but that would have been better than paying full price for a new pair like we had to do this time.


we ordered an 8x10 cranberry shag rug... it is awsome. Our living room floor has now become the family hang out spot. The boy, the wife, the dog and I all hung out there last night and got the family time we needed.