Incontinence - Tennessee
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Charles Babcock - Photograph
This is what you get when bordom hits Google.


ZECH 4:10;
"Who despises the day of small things?"
What a great thought. Don't we tend to look at prosperity as getting a bigger house, better cars, bigger, bigger, bigger. The Lord's timing and is will does not always include bigger and better. In this situation the foundation of the rebuilt temple fit inside the previous foundation. The old men were crying because they missed the glory of Soloman's temple with the gold and the extravigance. The Lord doesn't always see it that way.

Trying to apply a new thought process, or at least to be willing to apply a new thought process, is tough.

Interesting that they pretty much pettered out after a couple of years and the temple sat unfinished for over a decade.


The wife and I have been enjoying quite a bit os sushi lately.
We get probably the tamest items on the menu though...
2 california rolls
2 crunchy shrimp
1 bowl of miso soup
1 salad

If you are afraid of the raw fish, this would be a good alternative and makes for a great evening. That green stuff is called wasabi and as some addictive properties I think. speaking of which....


Just got the pre-release for these guys album. It rocks. If that is not enough the demographics of the band will sell the albums. Let the Canadian invasion begin.


Spurgeon's Sermons-Scripture Indexes
Oh, baby

Hiwassee's Outfitters
I completely forgot to write about my upcoming annual fishing trip with the college boys. This weekend is the blessed one. Looks to be around 20 guys and I can't wait. Fishing from sun up to sun down and campfire lounging from sun down to sun up. I think bitching about Home Depot un-lodged this fine thought.

Thanks for being an inattimate computer that does my bidding so I could get it off my chest.

I don't know if it is just the one Home Depot that is near my house or if they are all crap, but this one is crap. I was a Lowe's fan until a guy doing some remodeling on the house suggested I try Home Depot because they have a good return policy. My only comment after the fact is "Hey, lets worry about actually getting the product before we talk about returning it."

I ordered faucet/tub stuff and the entire order was screwed up. All I got the first time was the toilet paper holder... the one item I didn't mind installing myself. Had to reschedule the install, got the faucet, two sets of handles (only needed one) and no tub parts. Went back in and asked them to overnight the tub parts, "ok" they said. So I asked them to get on it since it was 5:30 PM and I wanted them the next morning at 8. "oh, ok" they said.

So I stood there with both my kids while they actually called the distribution center in Louisiana. They were put on hold and I asked for the manager. About 40 min later they talked to someone who told them they missed the shipping cut off by 10 minutes. I said to the manager "fix it" and walked out.

Needless to say they didn't come the next day and I had to reschedule again. I spent the next day on the phone telling them "I don't care, just order one that goes with the faucet I already have".

The manager makes some comment about how they are eating the overnight charges and I say "I don't care about overnight charges, I work for UPS and know you don't pay jack for shipping anyways". He doesn't have much to say after that.

Finally some more parts arrive.. Notice I didn't say "the rest". The little white porcelain handles turns out were left off the original order and the regular ones were duplicated (that's why we got two sets).

Stuff is in and it looks good... problem is that after I originally ordered the bathroom stuff, I walked over to the Millwork department and ordered new storm windows for the whole house.

They were supposed to be in last Friday. "Oh, well lets see here. Let me call on those." (hold for 5 min) "Looks like they should be leaving the factory today and will be here sometime next week." If I hadn't already paid for them...

Lesson learned: Lowe's may be a little tighter on returns, but if its too much hassle I'll just return it to Home Depot and let them deal with it.


eBay item 2385914027 (Ends Apr-07-04 08:00:36 PDT) - Bill Clinton Boyhood Home in Hope Arkansas
Looks like someone is going to make some CASH on a little house in Podunk, Arkansas. Current bid is $210/square foot - nice.

Also, if you want to get in on the March Madness you'd better get your picks logged by Thursday or everyone will say you cheated on the first couple of rounds.


TheWMURChannel.com - News - Cookies Too Tempting For Man In Holding Cell
News of the Weird fodder


link to the photos was broken.
Apparently I didn't update the geocities web page often enough and they dumped it.

I did upload a bunch of more rencent photos and updated the link to go directly to them over there... on the left... no your other left... ok geez here


Today was the first trip back to the disc golf course this season.
Shot a 33 on the front 9. Not too shabby. Should have been a 31 but I choked on a couple of puts. I had forgotten how refreshing it is to have a break mid-day even for 30 min.
Let'm fly boys, season's open


Homestar Runner Game Pac
If you haven't been to Homestar Runner in a while you should go back.


USATODAY.com - NASA to release 'significant findings' from Mars rover mission
The NASA guys think this is too funny. Will it be that they found a living cell? Will it be that they didn't? Will it be that they found some martian graffitti? a footprint? Bin Laden?
I'm setting my outlook reminder to check CNN at 2.