Me, my pipe and I
Last night I sat on the back porch nursing a cold Wicked Ale and smoking my pipe. I climbed up on the boys swing set fort thing and peered over the fence into the neighbor's yard, out over the back into the field, over the other side, across the driveway and into the next two yards.... nothing. nothing was moving. The wind was slightly brusing my face, but the limbs of the trees were all motionless. No dogs, no cats no kids (did I mention I was home alone) no birds, no car sounds. Just the high clouds passing swiftly as the moon played peek-a-boo. I finally reached the bottom of the bowl, the tobacco all ash I tipped it over the edge of the fort railing and tapped the curve to shake out the gray dust. In a watch-tick the bowl end second slipped off the black mouth piece and dropped into the darkness below.


no more V-I-@-G-R-A
Amazing. I guess it will be amazing if they actually pass it and then enforce it. I say bump up the fines. Set them so high they could bust one guy and give all the public teachers in the US a $1000 bonus. If they guy can't pay then lock him in a room with a computer and access to only spam email.
Who orders this stuff anyways? They would have to go through some sort of thought processing like this.
"You know, I was skepticle before, but this particular email somehow makes sense. Of course I would like to make my lover crazy. Of course I want to be the topic of conversation in the women's restauroom. I think I might just give it a try. Gee, I should buy some of this companies stock."

I guess my email address cost some guy with a garage full of the latest AMAZING NEW PRODUCT DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER about $.001 so he sends me an add hoping I'll cave once or even buys some as a joke.

Whatever happened to plain old brainwashing - limited to TV, Radio and bill boards.

I was going through my closet looking for some threads to paint in and ran across an old pair of jeans, well worn but still rough to the touch. It made me wonder what ever happened to the acid washed or stone washed jeans of the 80's. Now there was a product worth advertising. Somewhere during the 90's someone decided it didn't matter if the acid or stone washed jeans were already broken in, soft and cozy because they were too... too... What? To white!? Too easily destroyed in the washer? Too what? You can't find acid washed jeans anymore. Even in K-mart.

The new thing seems to be to have blue jeans with only the front of the thighs worn to near white. First time I saw these was in Old Navy a couple of years ago and they seem to be gaining popularity still. My sister doesn't understand them either. She spent "hours in the mall" looking for jeans without the worn thighs that fit. What would cause the thighs to wear on a pair of jeans?

I can think of only a few.
-An oversized laptop used while traveling on a train
-excessive Top 40 butt grinding dancing
-Extreme anxiety causing the wearer to repeatedly rub his hands on his pants to dry his sweaty hands
-The person is a psychopath and is constantly sharpening their hunting knife on their pants

None of these seem like the kind of personality one would want to portray.

They call it "fashion sense" but I don't know why.


I'm wearing my green sweater today. You know, the "ribbed" one. Its not really my style, but it was free and the wife likes it so every now and then this winter I will wear it in the hopes of turning her head when I get home. Wifes, if you didn't know, your husband still wants to turn your head. The funniest part of the Full Monty (stage not movie) was Herald's wife's solo. If you see the play, I'm sure you'll agree (unless you think a homosexual knocking a straight guy out and then saying "fairies 1, christians 0" is funny... which I didn't). She has a solo about how much she loves her Harold. He's lost his management job and is keeping it from her because he thinks she only loves him for the things he buys her and trips he takers her on.

The wife actually left this morning to go to the mother-in-laws so I thought about waiting to wear the sweater next week when she was home again, but it was next in the line up of things to wear and I didn't want anything else to cut line.

Needless to say the next two nights will be full of preping, painting and stuff. Project gallor. If ye love the hammer and brush, bring ye ass down yonder pass to my home. Just call first so I'm not sanding in my undies when you get there.


What a great site.... make sure you have the volume up when you run the video.
page link

Well, both shows were great. The Full Monty really deserves a review, but I just don't have it in me right now. The gist would be that they took a movie with a decent message and tossed in a gay relationship and humor, songs and dancing and then went for the shock value. Well done, just tainted.

Sesame Street Live (not Ice) was entertaining and wholesome. The number of the day was "3" and the letter of the day was "I" for imagine. The whole gang was there. Fabulous.

I drove past a "Big K-Mart" today. I hadn't noticed but sometime in the last couple of years they sqeezed some more space into a regular K-Mart. What a sad joke. Have you noticed that McDonalds changed the way we look at commerce outside of the fast food industry as well? They "Super Sized" their fries and drinks and then "Super Wal-Mart" came out. Biggie fries at Wendy's and Big K-Mart. #1 and #1 and #2 and #2. In case you hadn't heard, they have pumkin pies at McDonalds now... at least they did last week up in Green Hills.


Big Week for Theater

I'm going to see The Full Monty tonight in the theater. Don't really know what to expect since neither the wife or I have seen the movie. I'm used to turning my head... we'll see what the show is like. Perhaps my wife will have to ;-)

This Thursday I'm also going to see Seseme Street on Ice. Killer.


ok... Looks like The Rambler mispelled it in the links... please don't change it, Rambler man. #1 is a fine place to be.

what the heck does the Rambler have to say about TENESEE?

Oh my piss! Look who is # 2. I am truly honored now.
Thoughts in space

"tenesee river"
Check this out! If you search on yahoo for Tenesee River and you mispell it - I'm # 1. Lets hear it for ignoring trivial spell checks! It feels so good to be # 1. Someone spelled it just like me and then followed the link because I obviously had the best page about the tenesee river.

Did I mention that everyone else is after me? I'm # 1? I am? Well, thank you very much. It has been a long road. I would like to thank my parents for being having me and supporting me my whole life. They may have pushed a little bit much during the early years and might have over reacted that time I wrecked my car into the TENESEE river but it has led to this, this is my legacy. #1.


On a blog, can you plagerize? Legitamatly?

What if I wanted to quote something without referanceing the quote? Would that be bad?

Well, since I am unsure, I will err on the side of caution. This is from a song by D.J.Shadow and I thought is summed up my whole life in a few sentances.

Actually, it is more of a praphrase since I don't know the exact wording.

"I find it very difficult to find the right music for the mood. There is nothing worse than making the wrong choice except rummaging through your collection and finding nothing at all.
And then . . I find . . just the right thing."

That is really touching. It is like he knows me and the struggle and pain of my life.

Memoirs of a Samurai Barber


I kind of expected to wait for a couple of weeks and then have something like preasure built up inside my finger tips which would lead to a blog posting that ended up being 500 words. This was all in the hopes to prove that delaying assignments would lead to an easier completment of that assignment because the words would flow like cold water in a raging river. I don't have to do assignments anymore, but the theory can cross over to the business world without much of a streach. I'm on a conference call so if this doesn't make complete sense it is because I've got a few spoiled brats going back and forth in my ear... I want this, I need that, we can't do that... bla, bla, bla