Transparent Speakers?
Humans come up with some amazing stuff

Who will pick up Rick and Bubba in the Nashville market?
My loyalty going once, going twice...

New Jeep! I'm still getting used to the TJ. I don't like the idea of a removable pannel top instead of hard/soft option and I'm betting BestTop doesn't like it too much either. Who wants to take pannels off when you used to be able to fold the top down when the mood strikes you? The panels better be scratch-proof, dang it. Here's and idea. Leave the body style but make the engine last 250,000 miles. Domestic engines tick me off.


Common Grounds Online: Aaron Menikoff, To Feel or Not to Feel: "This ties to a recent tragety that occured in our town, Franklin, TN. A young woman was in the habit of picking up hitchhickers so she could share her faith with them.
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''She was a trusting person, but just a little, bitty thing,'' said Doyle Seeley, pastor at the First Assembly of God. ''I think her heart overruled her head, and that got the best of her.''

The thing that is even more interesting isn't expressed as fully in this article but I saw it on the local news. The parents were expressing what looked like joy and saying that they forgave the the man who murdered their daughter. At the time I was thinking 'these people are crazy'. They are on here looking happy and talking about how they were praying for him, etc.

Could they actually have been living what you are talking about or are were they simply taking a different route to Nirvana by ignoring/hiding the real emotions of hate and disgust. This world will never know."


At first glance it seems that our own Bill Frist is taking a stand against the fillibuster saga, but alas... a compromise that has no real implications besides the middle ground blurry win for the Liberals


NightStar LED flashlight: nightstar.shtml
Would make a great addition to your emergency kit in your car... I'd be all over it for $10 or $15 but at $40 I'm a little too cheap. Good gift for the young'uns turning 16 though