Mother pleads guilty to fatal diaper rash
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Is it just me or are there more and more CRAZY parents out there!
This is just infuriating.


Cameraphone sand sculpture


United Parcel Service initiated with "buy" | newratings.com
Hey everyone!
Go buy stock!
Drive that demand!
Lets beat the analysts!

We were downgraded on 6/13 and then 6/17 to buy. These people make me a bit crazy.


Ask Me if I Care About 'Mishandling' of Koran
-- Doug Patton -- GOPUSA

Article you need to read.


Mother in bizarre Tupac cult drowns daughter
What the hell?


High fuel costs overshadow FedEx profit increase
Looks like the market is responding to the sales innitiatives UPS has been laying out on the table. The last time these two were mentioned together UPS took the hit because Fedex had taken some market share. Stock prices sure seem to be easily swayed. It really should have been easy to see this coming with Fedex moving so much by air and jet fuel is much more costly than gas or diesel. UPS is pulling in close to $12 dollars behind per share now which I see shrinking further once Menlo is fully integrated... only problems on the horizon are labor relations.


A Ceramic Smoker, Grill, Barbecue. The ancient oriental kamado cooker re-born.

I'm in. They should be delivering today. I'll let you know in the coming weeks how I like it so you can be jealous.


Ideas & Screening | Reuters.com: "Dell's fulfillment process is impressive, but is it significantly better than Amazon's, Wal-Mart's, or Best Buy's? Goodness knows that I wouldn't place a huge bet in that field of horses, and, ultimately, competing on price without competitive marginal advantage becomes a race to the bottom anyway. "
I'll tell you that Dell knows how to crunch. They'll a 3pl company, like mine, and then tell you what to do. I know Wal-Mart is known for tightening the screws too. I don't own any Dell stock but everyone who sits around me does and they watch that price very carefully.


FlySim Fly Fishing Game Download
Just downloaded the demo... I'll let you know what I think.


I had a half of a pizza in the fridge and someone ate half of it.

The Northwest Observer Online: "Dell plans to begin moving equipment into the warehouse in July, with plans to begin shipping computers from the site in September, in time for the Christmas rush. "

One thing I've enjoyed quite a bit about working with Dell is the constant change in the factory.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit this new factory once it is operational.
Amazing that the roof isn't on yet but they plan on shipping by September.

Hatful of Hollow: Ebert Reviews Batman
Scott quotes a bit of the review that is actually intising. I was looking forward to Mission Impossible but as the finiancial backers feared it has lost its luster since Mr Cruise turns out to be such a weirdo. I prefer not to know much of anything about actors since I'm self righteous about strange folk like him. Just act and keep your mouth shut. I'm a walking double standard.

Update on the 4Runner...
found two prospects.
1) sold already
2) seller is asking about $2500 too much

patience, young skywalker.

The PCA GA is going on right now. This looks like a great way to check in our reps and see what is going on. In other words, I'm basically linking for myself.


Jackson Cleared
holy crap.


Concept car heaven - Autoblog - www.autoblog.com _
Someone has been keeping up with the good stuff


Common Grounds Online: A Perfect Restlessness
We're looking at a hard couple of days getting ready for our vaction. Other commitments, packing and our daily "stuff" will certainly make it an anticipated vacation but lends itself to 3 to 4 days to really get in the vacation mind-set... not to mention we'll be there will about 20 other family members. I'll certainly need to be praying for our time and how it will be seen in the light of thankfulness and reflection on the good gifts we have been blessed with. Sand, sun and fun

May sales numbers start rolling in
- www.autoblog.com

Looks like the numbers are rolling in. I don't typically care about the auto industry since I'm a "buy used" type of guy. Cheaps up front though mean I might get something a little sweeter in 2 to 3 years. Right now we're in the market for a 2004 4Runner with 2 wheel drive and a third row. I've seen maybe 10 on cars.com in the past 6 months and only 1 on carmax. All that I have seen have been at least 2 grand over the price I want to pay. I'm hoping to jokers who own them don't wreck them and more show up in the next 6 months as the mileage gets closer to 25,000 or 30,000. Oh yea....