I think I'll take your ancient history and call it mine.

I'm considering today if the reasons I haven't been blogging lately have anything to do with the reasons I don't do well with connecting with others on a deeper level. I've got plenty of friendships but few if any that are deeper than about a foot and a half. I didn't realize I was the typical male - all business and no exposure. That's a thought to run through beginning to end and back through again a few times and see what comes out of it.


I Found Some Of Your Life
This is a great new (or fairly new) blog. This guy found a memory card in a taxi and is now posting pictures as if he is one of the people in the pictures.
It's great. Give it some time and start at the beginning. They start off slow but he gets his wit and is worth it now.


Oprah Winfrey gives all 276 audience members a car - Sep. 13, 2004
Its funny, as a person I'm not a huge fan of Oprah but she pulls some amazing stuff off. Its better than a game show because everyone wins something. I'd like to get to be an audience member just the wife and I would have a great story and maybe some free spa treatment or something.


National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
In case you're using wifi and are stuck in a bunker and want to know what is going on