VOANews.com: "This is not something that ever occurs in volcanic debris. Believe me, when we saw this it was absolutely convincing proof of an impact formation."
I'd say he is pretty convinced...

In other news... blogging was slow this week.


Mice fight the flab: Cancer strategy could be used to treat obesity.
This is actually pretty cool. What will be funny is when everyone hears about this tomorrow McDonald's stock will go up. Not because they are doing better at what they do people will just bet that it won't kill you anymore. I think I've heard of magical fat pills before. They were called Phen-Phen or something like that and they messed up your nervous system or your heart. The thing is that they say it didn't take away any more fat once they were down to their correct weight. I'd like to see what happens when the weight stops coming off, the mice freaks out and takes 20 pills at once. I'm usually the last on board for this kind of stuff. But I might invest money in a plastic surgery degree from the local trade school because their will be alot of extra skin to be removed in 5 years when this passes FDA. Can you imagine the lobying they have already started with the FDA?
I'm thinking more than a couple of convertables and maybe a summer home in Maine will pass hands on this one.

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