Sunday:lost wallet
Monday:figured it would turn up
Tuesday:almost ran out of gas because I didn't have debit card
Wednesday:looked through all of house, both cars and in all pockets I own
Thursday:called and canceled debit card and ordered new card
Thursday after work:had to go home to get wife's card to go to grocery and buy food for dinner
Thursday after grocery:buddy calls and says he found my wallet at his house
Thursday after buddy called: there was much rejoicing


Inventions Update - #3
I'm currently working on a new type of parrachute. The way I see it there are a few major problems with the current set up.
1- you have to wear this big bag on your back
2- you have to fold this thing yourself and then hope you folded it right
3- when you are done you have this huge mess to fold up (or just set on fire)

My new design is inspired by the bubble boy. I'm going to use a super strong material that weighs almost nothing and is very thin so it could compact into a small size that you could put in your fanny pack. the leading contender right now is high quality toilet paper. This would be formed into a ball shape that you get inside. Once inside you would put on a little breathing thing like the one James Bond used to swim around. Its about the size of one of those Texas size pencils. Then you would close the ball up and open a little canister that fills the ball with somthing lighter than air. Then just roll yourself out of the plane. The trick would be balancing the ammount of gas with your body weight so you can control your rate of decent.

I know... nothing for over a week and then 2 posts in one day. I've had two Dr Peppers this morning.

I work pretty dang hard. Our contract with the customer is running out soon. I'm looking for a job.

I did have an interview though with a company that has 3 people in it. This would be a different environment than working for UPS like I do now.

I have a feeling the contract will get renewed and have heard some rumors to that effect.

If it doesn't I think I would like to test drive cars or work on a new invention with some big money backing from an undisclosed source.


So what does it mean?

I had to go to Memphis a couple of days ago for a training class. turned out ok, I just ended up getting back to the homefront after midnight... then the burger from dinner decided enough was enough, rebelled and exited through the front door with vengence around 3 am.

I miss being out on the trail, hiking with a single goal in mind. working towards to see an overlook or a waterfall. keeping a pase and listening to the breeze through the trees. if only it would quit raining. hitting the D-golf links is almost as good. Even better on depending on the day. lately the rain has kept the course too wet to even try to play. Last night I walked out of the building here at work and it was still kind of light outside! I can't wait for the long summer days. Windows down and NPR blasting on the radio. I've turned into an old fart and I'm only 25. Perhaps I will have to only get the news on the way to work during that part of the year.


In case you are in a great mood

and don't want to be
I only read the first page of the first chapter... I'm glad it is raining so no one will see my tears.

Blog Worthy Chain Mail

> Her Side of the Story:
> We planned to meet at a bar for a drink Sunday
> night. I had spent the
> afternoon shopping with the girls and was a bit
> tardy. He was in an odd
> mood. I thought it might have been my fault because
> I was a bit later than
> I promised, but he didn't say anything much about
> it.
> The conversation was very slow going so I thought we
> should go off somewhere
> more intimate so we could talk more privately. We
> went to this restaurant
> and he was STILL acting a bit funny.
> I tried to cheer him up and started to wonder
> whether it was me or something
> else. I even asked him, and he said no. But I still
> wasn't really sure.
> So anyway, in the car on the way back home, I said
> that I loved him deeply
> and he just put his arm around me. I didn't know
> what the hell that meant,
> because you know he didn't say it back or anything.
> We finally got back
> home, and I was wondering if he was going to leave
> me!
> So I tried to get him to talk but he just switched
> on the TV. Reluctantly
> and discouraged, I said I was going to go to bed.
> After about 10 minutes, he joined me and to my
> surprise, we made love.
> But, he still seemed really distracted and distant,
> so afterwards I just
> wanted to confront him but just cried myself to
> sleep.
> I just don't know what to do anymore. I mean, I
> really think he's seeing
> someone else.
> -----------------------------------------
> His Side of the Story:
> The Vols lost. Got laid, though.


Two Things
First, I updated my photo page.

Second, I saw one of those glass rooms that they use for a booth at home decorating shows and that sit out front of Home Depot and such today... on the interstate... behind a pickup truck. I guess it was in route to show some new customers "just how wonderful life can be when you have a sun room attached to the back of your house". I hear people that have them spend up to 80% of their time in them because they are so wonderful. Seeing it wiz down the interstate at a cool 60 mph triggered a great idea. These guys should have a manican sitting in there either face up to the glass with a look of desperation and a sign saying "Help! They have me trapped in here and are transporting me to a testing facility!!" or he could just be sitting there holding up the paper and a cup of coffee. I swerve out of my lane if I saw either of those.


A buddy of mine from college just posted his new photography web site with a short portfolio on it.


Blame the guy who worked finished out the upstairs of my house some 20 years ago, long before we moved in or blame it on the guy who labeled the circuit brakers after another project was finished a few laters, but don't blame it on me.

I shocked myself while installing a new outlet inside of a closet.


here is new blog I check everyday.


I have a theory that days and years seem to go by faster as you get older because they become a smaller and smaller percentage of your total life.
my sister has a theory that riding in a car makes you tired because your brain has to process so much environment information.

I like my theory better.