Cox & Forkum: The New Creationism

Some interesting lawyering going on.


International Justice Mission

The wife and I are going to an IJM benifit tonight. Someone sponsored an entire table and we got some tickets. It really is a wonderful opportunity. A freind of ours is tied with them and gave us a pre-print screen copy of Terrify No More and we sat and read the first 8 chapters last night. What an amazing story and outreach to the worlds of those who are truely hurting.

Weis uses play called by boy dying of brain tumor

Man what a story. This really is unbelievable... not that he actually called the pass but that the boy was given a dream out of the goodness of his heart. hat-tip to Weis. Thanks.

ABC News: 249 New Orleans Police Officers Left Posts
Looks like they are going to prosecute the officers who left posts during the disaster. I'm torn. If my fam needed me I'd bail on any job reguardless of what it is. My question is why.


Airquee?s Inflatable Pub

Um... guys... this rocks. My annual fishing trip with the 2210 guys may look quite a bit different this year.


FOXNews.com - Gridlock in Houston as Texans Flee

Most are fleeing from Galveston but there are the few, the proud the completely moronic...

Once you hit that look for the "Video" link on the top right.
A new window opens and bottom left is "In Harm's Way"

"why would you stay when you know a category 5 is about to hit?"
"to be honest, I just don't think it is going to hit that hard."

Moronic at best.


Auto nuts, beware. If you haven't found AutoBlog yet you might want to go ahead and close your web portal. If you already have then you can note my favorite posts.

'69 Ford Bronco PC

I can't help but be drawn to anything having to do with the dream... the Classic Dream that is.

Ford may reintroduce the Bronco

This is more of a real dream. The only complaint I have with Ford besides those listed in the write up about the inability for this to actually go off road is I haven't seen any specs that say the top will come off. If Ford does actually produce a vehicle like this and was to come into some money and be able to buy it I wouldn't really care for 10 years anyways since I'd be too busy waxing it to take it off road. The '77 I owned a while back was in great shape and still had issues whenever I got a little mud on the tires.

2007 Toyota FJ-Cruiser: Autoblog First Look

My second love, Toyotas. I've got a 4Runner now (our second) and a Camry. They tell you up front what it is for and they dang things run for 300,000 with narry a problem. We bought the 4Runner because it can take it and its not a minivan. The new Cruiser would be sweet in its second year for the same reason the Bronco would be... the public backlash against not being able to remove the top. Freedom my rear end. No soft top, no freedom.
This Autoblog entry is also a great example of the pictures they put in the articles. We're visually stimulated... show me the pictures.

Consumer’s Guide lists 2005 “Best Buys”

Autoblog not only pulls the interesting facts out of corporate releases and points out the forcasts that don't make any sense but they sift through the PR crap and show us what we really want.

2005 Porsche Boxster S: In the Autoblog Garage Day 2

I really enjoy the write ups on actual hands on vehicle testing done by the staff. I haven't noticed if they've layed off the critisism (which would be tempting when they have to convince someone to loan them a car) but aren't cynical about actual advances or nice styling.

Nissan Considers to Move from SoCal to…Tennessee?

They pickup on the industry news. How great it this. I live 30 min from this factory but didn't hear anything locally about this potential impact to my local economy on the news or in the paper but I heard about it on AutoBlog.

7) Spanking new Yugo for sale on eBay

The coverage doesn't end with the official news and releases... Ebay is sweeped like this Nogo that was put up for sale.

8) The solar powered Prius

I don't own a hybrid yet but coverage like this can only help to encourage the minds of individuals who are thinking on their own and coming up with solutions that will hopefully see the light of day (sorry) sometime in the future.

9) How well do K&N air filters work?"

A recent post on K&N filters. This has actually been a question for me for a long time... why don't companies just put these types of filters in if they are so much better? The answer... after the jump.

10) Michelin announces airless tire in the works"
No picture on this but wow... this would be so sweet. Gotta love that AutoBlog news hound that picks up tid-bits like this. Hey guys, how about a follow up with some of those yummy pictures?

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Looks like the future of mini-vans. To keep up with SUV sales they have to, have to do something about gas millage.