You must see the Martin Luther Bobble Head


really enjoying the tunes today. Windows Media screwed up when I tried to update to the new version so I'm having to listen through WarpRadio now. Actaully, it comes through with less interuptions to buffer.


Oh, you are so vain,
Think this haiku's 'bout you
Oh, you are so vain


I have never been a hunter. Angler - yes. Hunter - no. But this weekend I did experience a small taste of hunting, and I am reporting somewhat confused about my feelings of success. The story starts like a hundred other Saturday morning stories. The boy, the dog and I are playing with our food at the breakfast table. Well, the boy is playing with his food and the dog and I are trying to wake up. Then I hear a scream from the other end of the house. It is the wife and she has seen a small varmit scurry into the boys closet. A mouse (the prey). We had recently had a sighting of one of these little targets and after setting out a trap for almost an entire weekend (while said boy, dog and wife were out of town) without any bites I had given up thinking the neighbor's cat had done his God given duty.
I responded quickly. Taking a piece of bread from the boy's breakfast and a small finger biting trap to the sighting spot. Set the trap, snapped the trap on my finger, set the trap again with said bread, closed the door and stuffed a cloth under the door to keep the prey from escaping. We left for the park and when we came back... victory.

What a great weekend. I pretty much spent the entire weekend playing.
The boy and the wife (and the dog) and I all went to the park, three of us went for icecream and the wife and I went on a date at a little "brownbag your booze" Itallian place for dinner one night.
Very nice. It was actually a relaxing weekend and I am refreshed and ready for Monday morning.


Mabye everyone knows about this site already... I didn't, just found it.
Google's Web Page Translator

What should you do if you see somebody steal a steak by going through one of those scan your own item check out lines at the grocery store?


Guess who landed at the airport today?
nope. George Bush.
I saw Air Force One parking at Air Force hanger and saw some legs moving around as people exited the plane, but that is it.
All this from the window near my cube.
Air Force One is parked about 150 yards away from the building I work in. Pretty cool.


I got out my discs yesterday and set up a couple of targets to start practicing again for the upcoming season (fall).
Summer has been too blasted hot to play. A couple of guys and I play at Seven Oaks which is the best course around. Since we usually go over and play 9 during lunch summer is basically out of the question if wanted to keep our jobs. A couple more weeks and it should be tolorable.
Disc Golf is addictive, so I recommend that no one start playing.


the intentions for this site have always been to set have a blog that also acts as a homepage for photos of the fam, freinds, etc.
Geocities, being the likely candidate will now host my pictures for the measly price of nothing. Thanks and hats off.
Will need to create a 3rd menu box to host the links for that. New waters for me since I just manipulated the ones from the blogger template.
lunch time project for next week.
whats going on this weekend?

That fish eye is starting to freak me out.

I also made some changes and linked to another websites individual photo... considering the number of hits this site gets, I don't think they will care or notice.



I have good news and bad news... you know about both, but I felt inclinded to mention them anyways.
Bad news first... a flashing advertisement showed up at the top of tnriverfish.blogspot.com.
Good news... The Dane, an all around nice guy, got my comments working. The sharade is over. now we will see who is checking the page and who is not.
I have some major renovations to work on though... going to try to match somewhat what The Dane has set up for the comments screen.


Well, the wife, boy and dog are all home again and it is back to normal... sort of. I went to a siminar this weekend on leading a home fellowship group (aka home church) at our church. I don't feel lead to lead a group right now, I just wanted to learn a little more about the whole process so I could be more encouraging to our leader, the other memebers and less of a hinderance. There is a lot of counceling techniques involved apparently. From starting each meeting with the main point of the group - "to experience Christ together" to leading wondering members back to the point at hand and avoiding the "fix it" sessions a home fellowship group can turn into rather quickly. We went through how to pray for each other in the scripture and used Habakkuk 2:14 to actually do this for another person at the seminar.
The great thing is that there were only about 20 people there - 4 were pastors and there were another 4 normal ministring elders. Our church is beginning to see a change in the leadership which I think will make a huge change in the coming weeks.


The wife, the boy and the dog are all gone for the rest of the week so I got a couple of beers and sat outside last night for a while and listened to the radio. What a great pastime. The sky was clear and I watched planes mingle with the stars as they lined up to land at Nashville International Airport. Fortunately, we live 45 min (I know this because I work next door to the airport) away from the airport via backroads and secondaries.

I was hoping to sell my Bronco today to a guy coming up from Memphis, but I guess he couldn't get off work to make the trip. Maybe he'll show up tomorrow.

Planning on sitting outside again tonight since I found the good station on the "non-digital" tuner. If anyone wants to share a cold one give me a call.

Dont think it is the blue and green - think it is the red hypertext ...momma


Wow, that green, blue and grey picture hurt the eyes.... will adjust when I get the river pic from Eric