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what a blast they had recording all of this.
my favorite is Cheap Birds, a parody of Free Bird.

Quote from their site:
"The millions of fans all over the world. There are literally millions of people around the world who love what we do, and we intend over the next couple years to actually get these people to hear our music for the first time and get the chance to find out who we are. In other words, They love us; they just don't know it yet."

magic baby, pure magic.


Guess what.
I wons free tickets to see Robinella and the CC String Band and The Del McCoury Band at the Ryman Theater.
Quite possibly the one concert I wanted to see the most this year and I didn't even know it was happening.
I was just listening while driving heard the DJ say to call to win and won.
Robinella and the CC String Band actually played at our wedding reception four years ago. One of the members was a friend of ours so we signed them up to play.
The wedding was outside in the mom-in-law's back yard which is rich with flowers and song birds. Everyone ate bar-b-q and danced. It was great.
Last night was awsome as well. After their set my buddy and I went down to find my friend (who was there but doesn't play with them anymore) to catch up.
He was actually with the band so we got to congradulate them on a great set their first time playing the Ryman.
If you don't know the Ryman was the original location of the Grand Ole Opry and has quite a bit of nostalga and is sort of a meca for real county, bluegrass and western music. Getting to open for Del McCoury had to be a trip also.
Both Robinella's and the McCoury's albulms are great and songs can be heard on WDVX

PS Bisquick put packages of their new Honey Biscuit mix in every seat and so we scavanged on the way out and I got 6 packages. Pretty much pays for the $7 parking so I broke even on a night jam packed with kick tail music. Remember how I said it all works out? I was right.


I now own both Nashville and Austin operations... oh, how I do love a challenge.


Nice little shareware program
It allows you to cut the screen in half with a chain saw, torch whatever you are working on, etc


Please add your quotes to go with this.
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Well, I am the proud parent of a little baby girl.

She melts my heart.


We rounded up some cash from my parents, the mom-in-law and our own bank account to get my son (and daughter who will be born on Friday!) this...

Also yesterday I was hit by this little man in a Honda while I was driving the wife's 4-runner. no damage to the outside. just a support bent under the running board.
You can't even tell it is bent... so the cash is going towards the.... you guessed it... the swing set.

It all kind a works out sometimes.