trout eating church

trout eating church
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looking for trout? flickr will get your fix.


My men's bible study had a group camp out this past weekend which was fantastic. Pretty much the entire hike out we talked about Mercy Children's Clinic... we just happened to have the founder/CEO with us and he let us in on his vision and we ended up talking about a person's perspective on their education and gifts. Really they all talked and I just listened.

Do you view your education as a means to serve the world for Christ or do you view your education as a means to provide a false sense of security based on your bank account balance?

I've been looking a my job and what I want to do next for a few months now... unfortunately I haven't really found anything that sounds good to me. The other problem is I have been looking based on the income. Do I want to make the same or less than I am making now? No. Do I have to do that to fall in line with using my education for service? No. The problem is the mindset. Perhaps the Lord has been holding me in check waiting for me to see my issue. I'm ready to see his will but I'm still struggling with the idea he might want me to make less.


AnandTech: Dell 2005fpw vs. Apple Cinema Display 20-inch - Engadget - www.engadget.com /

Expecting quite a few flat screens to ship once this news circulates... that or Apple to change vendors.

New Corvette
Certainly looks something like the new Mustang. Oh agressive hood lovers, your patience has paid off. Next up the agressive minivan look... don't laugh it will happen.

Cox and Forrum

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This really shows the insanity of waiting any longer.


ThinkGeek :: Ninja Attack

Ninja's will be cool forever.


little man Desktop

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Just testing the flickr blog posting tool... this is my desktop at work. The little man and blue Tennessee sky. no adjustments made to the color.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Engadget picked up on the ipod dj mixer... this is seriously late people. Anyone who mixes anything from weddings to frat parties would gladly spend the cash to keep from having to haul boxes of CDs around.
We used to haul boxes of tapes, mini discs and cds around. It was a complete pain.
All you'd need was the mixer, the amp, speakers and lights. sweet.


TV - GreatOutdoors.com

Check out the trail run of 95 miles in 24 hours or the bizzar moutain bike tricks on wooden scaffelding 20 feet in the air. Same folks as slackline walking.

via gadaling.com


Cool free photo posting site.
I'm going to try this one out and maybe learn how to set up a latest posted bar on tnriverfish.


This is freaking unbelievable. Even if they take 8 years instead of 4 this project would totally change the handicapped society. Would insurance pay for a replacement arm if it cost $1,000,000? What about $200,000 after they've been out a while? Will you be able to buy stronger motors at your local hobby shop? In our lifetime, folks. Truely amazing.


NASA - Return to Flight

Looks like they are just about ready to send another fuel tank with some people strapped to it into orbit. The above is the shuttle on its way from a satelite view.

They've got a ton of pictures of this thing moving into position for launch.
I like this one to give perspective on the size of the fuel tank with people strapped to it.

Pogue puts Panasonic?s Oxyride batteries to the test - Engadget - www.engadget.com.
Interesting bit for those of us who just about have to budget batteries as a multiplier at Christmas and B-days.


YaGoohoo!gle - Search
Pretty sweet if you're wanting to get two perspectives on your search. Gives a split screen - I'll let you guess on what is on either side.


These really don't have the practicality that I need now that I've got his and hers little people running around the house but I must say the web site is pretty fun and I would be temped my next vehicle purchase to look at the four door.