Heroine Addiction Cure
Somebody call Neil Young. They will be using a couple of his songs I'm sure in the commericals run on primetime TV.


Next time you want to make a great prank call to a corporation have the receptionist page Brian Washington repetedly.


Jars of Clay - Who We Are Instead
Jars has a CD out. It has been out for a while but isn't getting radio play much around here that I've heard.
Funny since they currently hold # 7 on the charts. Talking with some friends who are in the industry they tell me that radio is very political. Similar to my take on Jars of Clay's 11th Hour albumn this one had a few songs that I really enjoyed the first spin... now the whole albumn is great. With the growth of the pay-per-download artists are going to have to start producing albulms good enough to convince the public to get the whole thing like these two from Jars.
Get them both from apple.com


He doesn't look like me.

weather.com - Local Travel Page The wife's birthday is Jan 29. Looks like turning 30 has upset some sort of balance. high of 43 and a low of 7.


This guy will be dead before the he reaches 20. There is no chance of survival when you are this stupid.


New Scientist
I'm not big into the Mars/Space thing, but stuff like this makes me feel like we are on the verge of a Stephen King spook.
It is great that they are sharing so much with the poplation. I imagine it is a PR thing to keep funding up and questioning folk quiet.
If they are telling us this much... think of what they aren't telling us...



kids these days. why is it that hair is returning to the 70s styles? I was watching Leno last night and the band Rooneywas on there. The singer (sort of) had hair down past his chin everywhere but his bangs. Yes, I said bangs.

To be fair I wasn't in the mood for that type of music so I might try downloading a tune-or-two from the site.


I shy away from pop culture gossip, but I heard Britney was re-doing this song.

They sold out for Christmas...


Cereal in a bag for $.09 / ounce... YEEEAAAA BAABY!

"Robot Scientist" Said to Equal Humans at Some Tasks

Its coming.

What do you mean what?

Did you read the article?

You can't go through life just depending on others to give you the brief.

I know the article is the brief and I have no idea what they are talking about.

Double-standard, wubble-wantard

fine. I mean the end of life as we know it.

Read this one and tell me you don't agree.

Future Gear: Will You Be Assimilated?

Told you so.


Someone that works at the movie theater deserves a hug. My wallito fell out of my pocketo during Damn Cold Mountain and they held it for me.
Of course, I don't carry cash in my wallito because it is too small... that is why it is called a wallito. Cards, ids, even a couple of gift cards were in there and still are. It is a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

On the other hand it is quarter-of-midnight and I have work to do left over from the office this morning.



Tennessee River Fish
I had several thoughts that smelled, tasted and looked like decent things to post about... but now that I am sitting typing they don't have the flava they once had.

Something I didn't think about posting... I saw Cold Mountain last night. Pretty dark... Much like real life. Not that my life includes turkey shooting my fellow man or guns in any fasion, but the wicked state of man was certainly plain - more like living out the dark secret thoughts we carry in our fallen minds.

Also. I'm going to stop using so many "..."s


USATODAY.com - Phone giant licenses Wozniak's wireless tech for tracking
Oh great... my boss will know if I'm not in the office on time.


Butterfingers should not be way up in the vending machine. They should be down near the bottom, amongst their people, so they don't reach terminal velocity before crashing in to the cold cold metal sheeting just below my little anxious fingers.

They always break in two. Either that or the guy who stocks the machine sat on the last box before he restocked.

If Butterfinger made a push today and was looking for a spokesman who would they choose. There is no better alternate than Bart Simpson. Michael Jordan can't hold a candle to Bart's selling power.