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I think if I picked up a new instrument it would be the harmonica. There aren't enough really good harmonica players out there. I like bluegrass and I would think that there would be tons of harmonica players in that type of music, but there aren't enough in my opinion.
Harmonica Country

Working on getting HTML worked out so it will show all of the page no matter what size your screen is...
Actually, I'm fairly lost on how to do that. If you know how... let me know.



Thanks to the for the help with HTML to get the image radomization working.

gonna get funky with the trout picture.

Click here to be Bernard Ebbers, former CEO for Worldcom, for Halloween.


A woman has twins, and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named "Amal." The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him "Juan." Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Amal. Her husband responds, "They're twins! If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal."

Just be glad I only posted 1 of 10 puns that came in the chain letter.


I think blogging is an art. Perhaps there is a formula for effective blogging. Is it [statement] [statement] [question]?

The boy and me


Captain Planet or Mullet Man?

I had a Peanuts personality test here... but I decided I don't like those personality tests so I dumped it.


having trouble posting... testing.

A moment in cinema history I will never forget

Comforting. That is a good word to describe the warm cup of joe I had this morning. Sitting in (notice "in" not "on") one of those couches that seems to be over comfy at first, but then molds to your body creating the perfect support, I sipped my comfort and listened mostly as the second discussion on 2 Corinthians 1 flowed along. "9b But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. 10He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, 11as you help us by your prayers."
Paul is speaking of the near death experiences he had in Asia. Two profound thoughts in here... we are supported by the God who raises from the dead. If that isn't enough he is saying that God will continue to deliver them because they continue to pray. life changing thoughts if we could only truly believe them.


Organic farming...
turns out that yesterday they established guidelines and a certification requirement for organic farmers.
Explain to me how you are going to get a 2 acre farmer who sells tomatoes at the local farmer's market to pay for certification.
Not to mention the fact that the steriotype for these type of people is going against the grain (no pun intended).
Great idea since more and more people are looking for these easy, non-exercise ways of improving their health or at least convincing themselves they are health concious.

There is another great thing about the organic farmers market that is heald once a week near in our small town besides the yummy vegies, bread, etc... they have four or five old men playing bluegrass music. They usually are not any good, but the boy loves to dance and I talk to the guy with 20 harmonicas across his waste like throwing knives and no teeth. I can't wait till Saturday. Anyone want to go with us?

PS Organic dehydrated strawberries are yummy.


Hey guess what...
We're having another baby! This is number two and I'm only 25. I went with the wife (and boy) to the doctor yesterday and we got to see the little heartbeat. Just 7 weeks or so old. What to hear something else freaky? We found out on October 13 about this one and on October 13 two years ago about the boy. Too weird.


What if man has never actually been to the moon. I have serious doubts. Really... think about it. How amazing would it be for humans to fly high enough to land on another planet... I know the moon is a moon, but you get the point. I'm thinking I might go back to school and study to be an astronaut and see for my self. Of course, it would be just like the government to drug me and put me in a pool to make me feel like I was on the moon and so I would be a more believable witness to the cover up for a black budget used to pay for spy stuff.


It is like fresh air... love it.
I just got WDVX web streaming again.
Tis glory.


Which is Spock and which is U2's The Edge.
note: I Deleted one because it was too dang big

If I didn't post them. It would be hard for me to tell.

oh what fun!!

Also, I drink one Dr K soda every morning when I get to work.
I buy them by the case and keep them in the back seat of my car.
I am really looking forward to winter so they will be cold.


"Never mistake motion for action." - Ernest Hemingway


Messge from WDVX

Can anyone fix this one?

From: mail@wdvx.com [mailto:mail@wdvx.com]

Oh no...... tell them WDVX leads to greater productivity.


To: mail@wdvx.com

It did not. I'm getting the "Access is Denied" message. I think my employer has put a block on it.
Thanks anyways.

Still humming,

From: mail@wdvx.com [mailto:mail@wdvx.com]

Go to our website at www.wdvx.com and click on the webcast page. We are streaming audio through a different source. Thanks so much for the mail. Please let me know if this works.

Tony Lawson

To: mail@wdvx.com

I have been listening to WDVX daily through warpradio and today it shows that you aren't broadcasting through them anymore.
I tried going through Windows media player and it is telling me that "access is denied".
Don't know if it is a firewall thing that work started or if you guys have changed service and haven't updated the webpage yet.
Tell me you know how I can tune in from Nashville or I might have to quit my job and move back to Knoxville.

Fingers crossed and humming Shady Grove,



whats up with my archive? Anyone know why it is only showing the current date range?

The college group from church in coherts with RUF from Belmont University have put together some kick'n dics where mostly past/present students have written new music to traditional hymns. This is the type of music that is generally played at my church and the RUF meetings accross the southeast. Really great stuff. Indelible Grace