wake oh sleeper, wake oh you who slumber


I'm working on a new site format. Really Blogger makes it easy to select a template and just roll with it.
The one thing I really liked about the old site was the random fish pictures as part of the header. If I can get that to work then the change is on its way. my mac didn't like the spacing I had setup which was really to static to work well across multiple screens/systems.


Jonathan Coulton ยป Code Monkey This guy really needs to make his millions on this song. It is grand. Go play the song.

The Ellsworth Ride with NuVinci CVP Hub (TreeHugger) I love this kind of "simple" efficient technology that has the potential to radically change the way do things. Man this would be awesome if transmissions as we know them were relegated to museums and special case situations. Leaving the majority of personal transportation with an elegant answer to the complex question.

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Best Fishing Days and Times
I was telling my neighbor about the great time we had in the Smokies even though the fishing was a bit slack. She said, "Of course, its about as far away from a full moon as you can get." I hadn't ever heard this but the Farmer's Almanac apparently has. Next year for the Smokey Mountain Fellowship we're hedging our bets and we're going to hit a full moon weekend.


Tennessee River Fish
I've been thinking about picking up blogging again if for no other reason but to just track some of the sites I stumble upon and keep them handy.

This past weekend I met a few old college buddies in Townsend, TN just outside the Great Smokey Mountains for a little R&R. The weather was absolutely perfect but the fish seemed to be spooked by the early warm weather. The folks at the Little River Outfitters were a bit stumped as well. Seemed that everyone was having a tough time.

The 8 of us fished hard on Saturday with enough decent catch for a little appatizer around the campfire.

The weekend did give me an opportunity to try out my new video camera though and I dropped it into iMovie last night and came away with a great little 4 min synopsis of the weekend.


unbelievable. It has been a over a year and everything is still here.... the old blogspot. Last post had our good friend looking at rope. Since my last post he has met the rope.

Oh yea, safari makes this page look really crappy.



Kid Doc Commercial
This kid is destined for freaking stardom.


Cox & Forkum: The New Creationism

Some interesting lawyering going on.


International Justice Mission

The wife and I are going to an IJM benifit tonight. Someone sponsored an entire table and we got some tickets. It really is a wonderful opportunity. A freind of ours is tied with them and gave us a pre-print screen copy of Terrify No More and we sat and read the first 8 chapters last night. What an amazing story and outreach to the worlds of those who are truely hurting.

Weis uses play called by boy dying of brain tumor

Man what a story. This really is unbelievable... not that he actually called the pass but that the boy was given a dream out of the goodness of his heart. hat-tip to Weis. Thanks.

ABC News: 249 New Orleans Police Officers Left Posts
Looks like they are going to prosecute the officers who left posts during the disaster. I'm torn. If my fam needed me I'd bail on any job reguardless of what it is. My question is why.


Airquee?s Inflatable Pub

Um... guys... this rocks. My annual fishing trip with the 2210 guys may look quite a bit different this year.